A tradition passed through generations since 1974

and modern use of mosaic intarsia

Franc Demšar s.p. is a family business with 42 years of tradition and experience in making mosaic intarsias, passed from generation to generation. We offer a variety of products, including mosaic intarsias and unique wooden products with intarsia. All products, including intarsias and mosaic intarsias, are hand-made and are distinguished by exceptional precision, natural materials and durability. The older motives are a courtesy of artistic inspiration of master craftsmen that had been creating intarsias at least a hundred years ago. Many of the patters for mosaic intarsias have been created by Franc Demšar and his father, Janez Demšar, while the newer products and patters for mosaic intarsias are adorned by the aesthetic feel of Andrejka Čufer, an academic sculptor. Our mosaic intarsias can be found on the accordions of the biggest and most acclaimed makers of accordions, as well as on furniture (Esplanade Zagreb hotel, Mrak joinery, Golob joinery etc.).

Do not miss another special part of our product line: unique items perfectly suited for a stylish home and perfect as a present for your loved ones.

A replica of a mosaic intarsia, made by master craftsmen a hundred years ago