A wide variety of uses

Intarsia – a detail that ennobles every product

Intarsias, most commonly referred to as mosaic intarsias, can also be built into pre-fabricated and veneered intarsias (or even into other veneered surfaces and solid wood) at a later stage. A hollow for the intarsia is chiselled out, making sure all the time that the instarsia will fit as snugly as possible. The intarsia is then glued to the hollow, burnished and its surface treated for an optimal look. We also design and create wooden items that prominently feature intarsias – this idea thus gave rise to a series of wooden clocks with intarsias, chests with intarsias, notebooks with wooden covers featuring and inlaid intarsia, and other useful wooden items. All of them, of course, were created with a great deal of manual work and attention to details.